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Envisioning Elegance: Emerging Quartz Countertop Trends in 2024


by: Chris Rodriguez


Extra, extra!

Shades of blue, textures and dual-tone cabinets - today I will share my opinions on these trends.

Quartz Countertops Miter Edge Waterfall Leg Waterfall Luxury Quartz Renovation Home Renovation
Quartz Depot's "Aqua" with a miter edge

Two-toned cabinets is something we saw last year and we will continue to see more of in the future. Normally, two-tone cabinets are seen on perimeter/ island combo; you'll see a bold color in the island, and the perimeter countertops will be a regular white color. In the photo above, you will notice both sides of the island have a waterfall leg. Another beautiful focal point in this kitchen are the floating shelves that make the already big kitchen, appear even larger. Technology is bigger than ever, it makes your life easier and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your kitchen, like the photo above. Can you spot any cool tech features?

I would like to clarify one thing: I LOVE the two-toned cabinets look. It's a fun way to bring your personality to your kitchen! However, I am not a fan of waterfall legs obscuring the view of the island color. This defeats the purpose of two-toned cabinets to me. The kitchen in the photo above still looks great; don't get me wrong. I actually prefer the kitchen to have the black island instead of a white, I think this say a dark element is added to the bottom of the space which makes the kitchen appear larger. This island has miter edge on the waterfall legs, island top, perimeter tops and it looks fantastic! Mitering the edge to give it that thicker look was a good touch to this kitchen to add an even more luxe look.

Quartz Countertops Miter Edge Waterfall Leg Waterfall Luxury Quartz Renovation Home Renovation
Perimeter tops in color: Aqua by Quartz Depot

Floating shelves should not be taken for granite... stone joke for those who didn't get it. They give a light and airy feel to any space. In smaller spaces they make the room appear larger and less congested, in larger rooms, like the one pictured, they make the island appear much bigger than it is! In my opinion, floating shelves aren't as practical as cabinets but that's why you'd have cabinets on the bottom as well!

Environmentally-friendly materials are so hot; let's have a good-looking kitchen WHILE we are environmentally conscious. I asked you earlier if you could spot any cool technology features in the photo above, did you spot any? Look closely to the island... notice the outlet pop up in the quartz countertops? This was a cool feature that the client integrated to the island without compromising the aesthetic. Some people have cutouts directly into the waterfall leg which can make the aesthetic look a bit... cookie-cutter.

Whether you're a fan of these new trends or not, you have to admit they are pretty smart and cool ways to innovate your kitchen. I personally hated the tile countertop trend, tile countertop with tile backsplash and some laminate vinyl is my kryptonite! When I look back and see how far kitchen aesthetics have come, the inner child in me squeals in joy! As a kid, my mom was a hoarder, so finding ways to integrate appliances into cabinet space or the small things like the outlets being hidden give me so much serotonin. In the next blog post, we'll dive into my icks and awes and how they work in the correct setting. Thank you for reading, and remember these are all my opinions and not a reflection of company beliefs.


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