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Neutral Color: Timeless Kitchens

In todays blog post we talk about Quartz-Depot's favorite kitchen, why it's our favorite, and how you can achieve the look.

Neutral kitchen warm tone kitchen to toned cabinets
Phoenix by Quartz Depot

Whether you like bold, bright kitchens or minimalist neutral-tone spaces, we can all appreciate a good kitchen. We at Quartz Depot love all types of kitchens, but today, we will talk about a minimalist, neutral-tone kitchen that has us left us speechless. This kitchen is timeless, a beautiful canvas for years of eras to come.

A kitchen can be a calming area of the house after a long day at work. This kitchen features warm beiges, neutrals and whites- colors that bring forth tranquility and a posh look. Trends come and go, which means this kitchen has a perfect base for later. White countertops go with just about anything; you can certainly pair them with any new trend that peaks your interest. The absence of bold colors makes it so you pay more attention to textures and smaller details.

Neutrals-tone cabinets and countertops have the ability to make smaller spaces appear larger than reality. Neutral-tone cabinets and countertops in larger spaces make the room appear more airy and comfortable. The gentle and inviting colors allow for a clean atmosphere and are complemented even further by adding earth tones or natural plants. Earth and neutral tones go hand-in-hand; it is no surprise that these trends have taken the market by storm. After all, this trend was popular in the 80's and what goes around, comes around.

In conclusion, neutral-tone countertops and cabinets enhance a kitchen to create a more expansive look. The relaxing colors are perfect for setting the foundation in a kitchen and have much more capabilities to complement any trend you might like in the future. Your kitchen is a space that usually turns hectic, but it doesn't have to look it.

Neutral Kitchen Warm tone Beige Shiplap Luxury Trends 2024
Neutral mood board

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